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We offer our pilots custom liveries for the luft virtual airline fleet.

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Check out the LUFT virtual airline fleet. Get detail information about the fleet.

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Enjoy tracking your flights with our custom SmartCARS system.

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Recent News

LUFT VA New Design

Posted by Daryl Jacobs on 09/29/2015

Thanks for joing LUFT Virtual Airline!
Check out the member area for help and information on getting started at Luft Virtual Airline.

This is a brand new look for our virtual airline and we are excited about the new look and design at LUFT virtual airline. We have contracted Daryl Jacobs at www.wpbreak.com to design our new site. We are about to enter the beta testing phase and welcome all pilots to help us with the testing of the new site. We hope your are as excited as we are about the new look and feel of the site. This news area will only show the latest news for our site. Only the most recent news will be shown in this area.

Thank You!

Luft Virtual Airline Team

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Pilot Flight # Dep Arr Status Phase

Flight Stats

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
WPA1221KSFOKLAX0.53WPA0004 Jordan Spieth-700
WPA1221KSFOKLAX0.55WPA0001 Daryl Jacobs-540
WPA1001KADWKJFK5.41WPA0001 Daryl Jacobs-112
WPA1001KADWKJFK.37WPA0002 Jason Snell0
WPA1002KJFKKADW1.01WPA0004 Jordan Spieth0